About Us

    OurRecruits.com is the world's first and only complete web based interactive recruiting & data sharing service that was designed by current and former coaches and athletes for coaches and athletes. OurRecruits.com meets the need of student athletes, as well as high school, junior college and four year college coaches.

    The core management team of OurRecruits.com includes several executives with successful backgrounds in sports marketing, sports recruiting, coaching, professional, college and high school athletics, as well as a strong background in Web technology, the IT industry, and usability design.

    Kevin Wade-Hanson  CEO | Founder:  Kevin is a former college and professional athlete with vast experience in marketing and new business development within the sports industry. Professionally, Kevin has 19 years’ experience in sports marketing, sales, and new business development. He held management level positions in athlete/consumer relations and promotional sales/marketing with sport giants Nike Inc., and adidas America. He also spent 3 years as an owner of Trinity of Sports while partnering with Foster & Easley Sports Management Group. An athlete at heart, Kevin played football for San Diego Mesa College; Single “A” independent baseball team Beckum-Stapleton Pirates, and Arena Football.