Q. As an athlete, can I create an account at OurRecruits.com?

    A. Not yet. You must first be invited by your coach. OurRecruits.com is intended to be a valuable coaching tool in our Beta Launch phase. We encourage you to invite your coaches to get involved, if they haven't already.

    Q. How much does OurRecruits.com membership cost?

    A. OurRecruits.com is funded through advertising/partnerships with our sponsors. This is how we keep it FREE for you, the user.

    Photos and Video

    Q. How do I upload Video?

    A. We currently host our video files through YouTube's client services. Follow these helpful steps to get started:

    1. Go to YouTube and sign in (or create an account)

    2. Choose "Upload," then upload your video

    3. Under Privacy, choose "Unlisted (anyone with the link can view)" -- this ensures that your video is only seen at OurRecruits.com

    4. Copy the URL from the "Sharing Options" section

    5. Back at OurRecruits.com, paste the URL into the YouTube Video URL field under the "Add Video" page for My Account or Video Swap

    6. Insert title, description and click "Add"

    Q. How do I manage my Profile Photo?

    A. Profile Photos are for athletes only. Simply click on "My Account" then the "Profile Photo" tab. Upload a photo from your computer (make sure it is appropriate, and that you own the usage rights). You cannot upload large photos so you may need to re-size your image before uploading it.


    Q. What if I forget my password?

    A. You can click the "forgot password" link on most registration pages of the website and you will be sent an email (at the address you used when registering) prompting you to reset your password.

    Q. How do I change my password?

    A. If you're not logged in, you can click the "forgot password" link to re-set your password (via an email link). If you're logged in, click on "My Account" or your name next to the "Logout" button.

    Q. What is my Login ID?

    A. Your Login ID is your email address. You will use the email address you used when you initially registered with the OurRecruits.com website.


    Q. How do I become a Featured Athlete on the OurRecruits.com home page?

    A. As a registered athlete, you are automatically entered as a viable candidate to be featured on the home page of our web site. All athletes are cycled at random regardless of ability, gender, or usage.

    Q. What if I have suggestions about how to improve OurRecruits.com?

    A. We welcome your feedback while we are in Beta testing. Please send your email suggestions to info@ourrecruits.com


    Q. How do I add or delete events from the calendar?

    A. During our Beta testing phase, only coaches are allowed to add or delete an event from the calendar. Simply click "Add Event" under the calendar to add, and click the "X" next to the event in the "upcoming events" list to delete it. As an athlete you can view these events by simply clicking on the name.